The 2021 Biosimilars Market Report

Second Edition Now Available!

The laws establishing the US biosimilar approval pathway were passed in 2010, but the market for biosimilars is only beginning to gain speed. The causes for this slow start are complex and multifactorial and continue to affect biosimilar uptake and development. Veteran biosimilar industry journalist Stanton Mehr unravels the competing interests of stakeholders and pragmatically reframes the conversation: How did we arrive at today’s biosimilar marketplace? What biosimilar drug categories will thrive or fail? What dynamic forces may drive a biosimilar future in the US?

The updated 2021 edition of the publication Where the US Biosimilars Market Is Heading and When It Might Get There is a vital resource for those managing drug benefits, designing medical and pharmacy coverage policies, prescribing biologic medications, and the manufacturers of biosimilars and biologics alike.

This 86-page report covers the past, present, and future of the US biosimilar industry. We take an in-depth view into five critical drug categories. We delineate the forcing factors that will allow for future success of biosimilars in the America. This publication also analyzes the competing priorities of each relevant stakeholder, some of which can limit or optimize the biosimilar-related savings obtained by the US health system.

New for 2021:

  • The latest available data on biosimilar uptake throughout the report
  • Views on how biosimilars have now turned the corner in some major treatment areas
  • The employer’s perspective on the need for biosimilars and improved utilization
  • The outlook for biosimilars of low-revenue biologics and rare disease treatments
  • New insights into the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on the repeal of the ACA and its affects on the BPCIA

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The table of contents of Where the US Biosimilars Market Is Heading and When It Might Get There includes:

Section 1: Access and Competition

  • Setting the Stage
  • How Reference Manufacturers Hinder Biosimliar Competition and Access
  • How Biosimilar Manufacturers Hinder Access to Their Products
  • Federal Factors That Negatively Influence Biosimilar Competition
  • Payers Don’t Specifically Optimize Biosimilar Uptake
  • Factors Working in Favor of Improving Biosimilar Access and Competition

Section 2: Marketplace Insights

  • The G-CSF US Marketplace
  • The Trastuzumab US Marketplace
  • The Infliximab US Marketplace
  • The Adalimumab US Marketplace
  • The Insulin Transition to Biosimilars and the
    Biosimilars Pipeline

Section 3: Looking Ahead

  • Forcing Factors and the Future of Biosimilars in the US
  • State of Texas v. USA and the Potential Implications for Biosimilars
  • Long-Term Sustainability: With Fewer Blockbusters, Will There Be Interest in Biosimilars for Lower-Revenue Products?
  • A Summing Up: Final Thoughts on 2021, 2023, and Beyond

Readers of Where the US Biosimilars Market Is Heading and When It Might Get There will gain comprehensive business perspective on the biosimilar industry’s past, present, and future.

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