The 2023 Biosimilars Market Report

Our Third Edition Will Be Ready for Publication in Just Days!

So much changes from year to year in the biosimilar marketplace, and we recognize the value only the latest information will provide. The highly sought 2021 edition listed 29 biosimilars approved in the US for 9 reference products (but a significant number are as yet unmarketed). As of early January 2023, this number is up to 40 approved for 11 reference products), and the number of marketed biosimilars will be improved significantly this year with the launch of several adalimumab biosimilars. The first two interchangeable biosimilars have officially been designated by the FDA, and much has happened outside of drug approvals that has affected biosimilar policy, pipeline, and payer decision making. The US Supreme Court has ruled on the validity of the ACA and as a result, the BPCIA. Payers have devised their strategies for the huge adalimumab launches this month and later this year. And future biosimilar interest in specific biologic reference products is coalescing around revenue expectations, perceived opportunity, and a better sense of who will continue to play in this market space.

The updated 2023 edition of the BR&R Report, The US Biosimilars Market: A History of Growth and Towards a Sustainable Future will continue a tradition of being a vital, independent resource for those managing drug benefits, designing medical and pharmacy coverage policies, prescribing biologic medications, and the manufacturers of biosimilars and biologics alike.

The 2023 edition will update the biosimilar story–past, present, and future–of the industry in the US.

New for 2023:

An expansive description of the biosimilar pipeline, with commentary on each of the most significant drug categories

The primacy of payers as the dominating force in biosimilar coverage, access and utilization, and success

A practical discussion of the concept of interchangeability in biosimilars helps and hinders the economic decision making for payers and manufacturers

Factors that are improving the environment for biosimilars and threats, such as unintended consequences of the Inflation Reduction Act, which could potential stifle innovation in biosimilar development.

A heavily updated Marketplace Insights section, to reflect the latest developments and trends

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A sampling of the table of contents of the 2023 Edition includes:

Some Thoughts on the Value of Interchangeability

Optimizing Payer Biosimilar Uptake

An Improving Environment, Mostly

Marketplace Insights

  • The G-CSF US Marketplace
  • The Trastuzumab US Marketplace
  • The Infliximab US Marketplace
  • The Ranibizumab US Marketplace
  • The Adalimumab US Marketplace

The Biosimilar Pipeline for 2024–2026

  • Natalizumab
  • Aflibercept
  • Ustekinumab
  • Tocilizumab
  • Denosumab
  • Eculizumab
  • Omalizumab    
  • Golimumab

Forcing Factors

Long-Term Sustainability of Biosimilars: An Update

Readers of The US Biosimilars Market: A History of Growth and Towards a Sustainable Future will gain comprehensive business perspective on the biosimilar industry’s past, present, and future. LOOK FOR OUR OFFICIAL PUBLICATION ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE 2023 EDITION!

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