What Biosimilar Topics Most Interest You?

In my BR&R posts, I’ve written less these days on new clinical study data demonstrating similar patient outcomes. As more biosimilars are approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), reports of positive clinical trial results seem a bit rote.

Like successful space launches, routine expectations begin to set in—until something goes wrong. Of course, news about a prospective biosimilar not meeting its clinical study goals is news. That also applies to the recent story of Momenta’s abatacept biosimilar, whose phase 1 trial surprisbiosimilar topics surveyed scientists by not demonstrating pharmacodynamic similarity to the originator product.

But it made me think that perhaps the biosimilar topics that compel me to write do not align with what you want to read. I’d like to gauge what you are most interested in reading about biosimilars.

I’m offering two $20 Starbucks gift cards, chosen at random, to people who complete this 5-minute survey. Hopefully, it will enable me to understand where your key biosimilar interests lie.

The survey closes early next week, so please click now at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XLGNRPB.

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